Corrie recently served on a short term trip alongside our LDSR team. She is a University student majoring in interior design with a minor in Spanish. She hopes to spend a lifetime in the Middle East. She loves hiking, reading anything her sister recommends and eating ice cream with friends.

Today was our first full day in Istanbul. We began by abiding with the team which was so life giving. Due to the lack of sleep, jet lag, and being told people would think I was a prostitute if I went out with my hair still wet, the time with Jesus, worship and fellowship, was much needed. Following that we ate at a small café nearby where we were served several different amazing dishes, our first real Turkish cuisine, complete with tea and coffee.

To sightsee, we traveled to see one of the historically famous mosques in the area. As women, we had to cover our heads to enter, and even though it was not the Islamic holy day, there were many people inside.

This was probably the most impactful part of the day for me. The reverence, the number of people, the routine of the Muslim prayers. There were so many people, and they are all so broken. They don’t even know it, but they are bound by the chains of a false god. And they don’t have anyone to tell them they have it wrong. I sat in the balcony with all the other women, watching the men come in and pray – young and old, fathers, toddlers, business men, men with white hair. The worst part was seeing the little boys, so in awe of their fathers, following them through the motions of the prayer without knowing what they are really learning, falling flat on their face for a god who won’t hear their prayers.

I know that our God is faithful. That He is all powerful, and He won’t let us live this life without a way of finding Him, but these people are so sure they are right. They are so hopeful that their actions will get them into paradise. It was heart breaking, eye opening and encouraging all at the same time.

This is why we are here. This is why God has sent us. It is only for a week this time, but maybe next time it will be an internship, or a year, or a lifetime.

If we open ourselves up to what God’s heart is for this world, miracles can happen.

That’s what I’m praying for this week, and what I will be praying for when I get home. God’s work won’t stop when I get on a plane for America. There will still be His harvesters in the field, faithfully carrying out His will.

Pray for them. Pray for us. God is moving.

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