Rachael is a senior at University where she studies Human Nutrition, Foods & Exercise. She enjoys hiking, the beach, and going to coffee shops in her spare time.

Many people come home from mission trips and describe them as “life changing.” As cliché of a term as it is, I would have to say that my time in Central Eurasia has indeed been life altering. Among the many things I could share, the most important is what God did in my own heart towards these people and the majority religion.

On day one, I was awoken by the call to prayer early in the morning. I’ll never forget the way it made me feel. It almost mocked me and served as a reminder of the enemy’s territory over this country. From then on, I witnessed firsthand what a mosque during prayer time was like, and I talked with many university students about their beliefs.

I’ve never thought that much about Islam or its effects, but this trip has opened my eyes to the lie that has enslaved so many. The students I met were so incredibly sweet and welcoming. They loved me so well, and I could tell that their practice of Islam was out of a place of purity. This breaks my heart. It isn’t fair that these people don’t know Jesus as more than a good prophet. It breaks my heart that they don’t grow up with the opportunity to respond to the gospel at a young age like I did. It breaks my heart that they will most likely spend the rest of their lives striving to please a God that they don’t personally know.

This is a lot to take in and can be overwhelming, but I’m so incredibly grateful for the opportunity to experience it firsthand. My heart has been shifted to the nations, and I want nothing more than to pray for these people and the workers in this area. God is so good and all people deserve the chance to respond to His good news. How sweet it is that He shares His heart with us and gives us the opportunity to intercede for His people. The enemy may have a foothold, but my God is victorious and holds all power and authority over this nation.

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