Allison attends University and is a history major. This fall when she graduates, she hopes to do a year-long internship with Chi Alpha Ministries. In her spare time, Allison enjoys being with family and friends. 

I’m listening to a missionary speak about Turkey – a nation of 78 million with only about 4,000 believers. They are marching in darkness not even knowing their true Savior, because no one has ever told them the Good News. Most have never met a Christian. The missionary continues to mention a particular time in which he was with a group of people in front of a mosque. The groundskeeper came up to him and asked if he’d like to see the inside, yet quickly followed the invitation with, “…I’m not gonna hurt you.” What hurt that caused me when I heard this man’s need to justify his humanity. On the other side of the world we’ve managed to paint a picture of vicious men and women of the East out to terrorize. Yet what beautiful people I’ve walked past on the subway, bus, and streets. They love to talk, eat and laugh. Just like us.

I’ve met many runners on this trip; the first day I heard someone mention running around 50 miles a week. I heard about early morning runs, Sunday runs and marathon runs. I heard one runner say, “Races are my vacation.” I laughed as a non-runner. But then I began to really ponder on this quick statement mentioned. Races aren’t easy. In fact they take much discipline and training. They require much to reach the finish line. So I can’t help but think of the race being run on the Silk Road. A race sounds like something that beats up the body and stretches your endurance. A vacation sounds like fun activities and relaxing time. Is that what sharing the Good News here is? I don’t think it’s an easy thing. It requires sacrifices. But I do think it’s a joyous thing. Some of the happiest people I’ve met seem to be the workers carrying out Matthew 28:19. Their races truly are their vacations.

Gathered as a group we lifted praises and sang, “What a beautiful Name it is…the Name of Jesus.” I imagined the people of Turkey proclaiming His name on high singing the very same words that the Name of Jesus is beautiful. Knowing that He was more than a prophet and good moral teacher, but instead knees bowed and hands held high in honor of the one true King. May we believe in God’s power to break chains in this nation. May strongholds fall and His power obliterate the prevalent lies entrenched in society. We believe, let it be done.

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