Becca is a college student that loves fish taco’s and hates sleeping with socks on. She recently came to the Silk Road on a week long intensive. Below she shares her thoughts about her trip.

I never pictured myself coming on a trip to Central Eurasia, but God always has plans that radically change your heart and perspective on what you thought you knew.

I think as Americans, we have a preconceived view or already formed opinion about who the Muslim people are and what they are like. I thought they would be hostile to foreigners, that all the women would be completely covered, and everyone would be responding to the call to prayer. BUT I was so wrong! The Muslim people in Central Eurasia are the most kind and generous people you could ever have the honor of meeting. They are just like you and me. I have been on other mission’s trips to Central and Latin America, but this trip was so much different than the others. There are 400 million people on the Silk Road, and 97% of those people have less than 2% access to a Bible or the Gospel. When you have the opportunity to experience the call to prayer, you realize how devout these Muslim people are to their faith. And it really wrecks your heart when you see how devout they are to the wrong thing.

You need to come experience an intensive, just one short week. It’s week where you leave behind everything you thought you knew about God, and religion, and the world.

And God invites you to step into His heart and share in the pain He feels for over 400 million of His children who are lost in spiritual darkness with no access to The Light.

If you are hesitant about coming on an intensive, take the leap and sign up right now. You won’t regret a single second you spend in one of these beautiful countries. God has so many plans for your future, if we knew them all right now, we would be afraid, maybe overwhelmed, and we would never take the first step. But He is faithful to complete what He has started in you and He will walk with you the whole way. Let this be your first step. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Take it from someone who never EVER thought they would find themselves in Central Eurasia. Maybe I’ll see you here next year.


To see how you can walk the Silk Road with us, click here for available opportunities.

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