Zach is from a city in the Northwest. He loves tea, programming, and television, and is enjoying new interests in math and theology. He recently joined us on the Silk Road for a short term intensive. Here he shares some thoughts about his trip.

I came to CE to see if missions was for me, I came out with a new perspective on God and a place I know needs a great deal of attention. CE is different from where I am from, yet there are some striking similarities. While food and culture differs, and life outlooks can be day and night, the people at home and abroad all seem to search for love and fulfillment.

Whether it is in the Quran, the community, or pleasure, the thirst seems to remain constant. This is where Jesus Christ enters the picture. While here, I experienced what it was like to focus on Christ and exclude much of what I focus on in everyday life. I saw the power that came with that. The power of prayer is magnified when you see the desperation of a situation, because you are reliant upon it. As I pressed in to God this week, I saw the peace and fulfillment come over me, and flow out and influence the world around me.

I came across Luke 6 in my “abiding time”. Verses 20-26 famously pronounces blessings upon the poor, the hungry, and those who weep and woes upon the rich, well fed, and laughing. While I’ve struggled with this passage before (I am after all, a man with access to food, shelter and education), I was directed towards an interpretation in the sense of hunger towards God. Those who are hungry will seek, and those who are content will not. One needs to find something to feed themselves, and if it isn’t Christ, you’re in bigger trouble than you can imagine. Christ seems to consistently show mercy to the downtrodden, and who is more downtrodden than one who has never been presented with the preciousness of Jesus? Should we not be involved in some way in their relief? Shouldn’t we be discontent with the darkness that exists here?

I have seen during this trip how dire the need is for Christ. I have also seen how great the victory can be. This is hard soil, but soil that is being tilled. God is softening hearts, and I have the feeling that something wonderful is going to start happening. The workers here are leading the charge, and both you and I can either watch it or be a part of it. Pray for God’s hand to be mighty in CE. Pray for more workers. Pray to see if God wants you to come on an intensive, or even become a worker full time. At the very least, spread the word of this need. Were it not for a friend telling me about this, I would not have seen God working in so dark a place, and I would still be who I was when I got on my plane.

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