While on an intensive in Central Eurasia, Lydia recognized the power of prayer in reaching lost people and seeing transformation along the Silk Road.

During my intensive to Central Eurasia, I had the absolute honor of serving alongside the local Live Dead missionaries for a week.  I also had the pleasure of being able to sit and fellowship with local Turkish people, mostly all who have never heard the real story of Jesus.

One day during my stay, our team had a picnic and I was able to meet a Turkish family that was having a picnic as well.  Even though we didn’t speak each other’s language, we still bonded over grapes and sunflower seeds.  One of the daughters in that family was the same age as me and is also studying in the same field as me at university.  She was extremely welcoming and always had a smile on her face.  I envisioned a future of her walking with Jesus.

I prayed that she would come to know the joy of Jesus, the grace of God, and the power of the Holy Spirit.

The smile that she wore on her face was just a small glimpse into what her life with Jesus would look like.  I prayed that she wouldn’t just have happiness, which is a fleeting feeling that comes and goes dependent on life’s circumstances.  But I prayed that she would have joy – joy which can only come from the Lord who is never changing; a joy that is constant even in the hardest times.  As I prayed these things over her life, she suddenly burst into laughter.  And then just as suddenly, covered her face with both of her hands and was scolded by her father for laughing.  In that moment, I was completely crushed.  I realized that the devil has such a strong hold on the lives of the people in Turkey. But our God is stronger and He holds the power to make the devil flee.

It was then that I recognized that more is needed from the followers of Jesus.

There needs to be more prayer over this country. We need to intercede more that the presence of God moves and that the presence of evil flees. More names of Turkish people need to brought to the throne of Jesus. And more people need to be willing to come to the hard places so that those who have never heard will hear the good news of God’s grace.

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