It’s not easy to be the parents that allow or support their children to answer the call of God to reach unreached people groups. Maybe you’re one of those parents who is struggling with letting go or maybe you’re the child who wished their parents would understand… Here’s a little look into one mother’s journey.

Over the last couple of years I’ve been asking myself a question: “Do I truly believe in God?” I say I do. Of course I do. But do I truly?

At 16 years old, the call on my daughter’s life took her out of the USA for 3 months. I missed her tremendously, but the country she went to was relatively safe and she was living with friends, so her absence was not scary. It was an exciting adventure. Then at 18, she left for a year to a country that was not so safe. It was a tough year for me that kept me constantly in worried prayer. I prayed more for her safety than I did for her effectiveness there. People would ask me how I could do it and my answer would be something like, “I’m praying more than I ever have.”

Now, she is on her second year in yet another country. In her first year in this new country, I spent a lot of time praying for safety, but I came to realize that my prayers were misguided; they were based on my fear. I was praying out of fear to God in whom there is no fear. How ridiculous is that? What was I afraid of? Afraid God wasn’t with her, that He didn’t call her to this, that He doesn’t love her enough to take care of her? I knew the answers in my head, so why the fear?

The truth was I didn’t truly believe God is who He says He is. Yes, I believe, but until I can act on that belief, it isn’t really faith. I thought I had learned this lesson before. When my children were little, I was afraid to get on a plane. Every time I flew anywhere, I spent my time praying we wouldn’t crash. If we crashed, who would take care of my children? One day I realized God’s love, not just for me, but also for my children. From then on, I have been able to get on a plane and not be afraid.

I know God loves us, has a plan, and is ultimately in control. There is no fear in that.

I have always encouraged my children to travel, have adventures, to be open to the options presented to them. So where did the fear come from when my “child” went to the Silk Road? Simply put, I wasn’t trusting in what I knew to be true. He loves my daughter. Even when it doesn’t feel like she is “safe,” He is there. Even if the worst happens, He is with her. He’s also with me. Part of my fear was selfishness. I was afraid for myself if something happened to her. Not anymore.

People say that faith is simple, but it isn’t easy. I don’t agree. It is easy, if you truly believe.

Now when people ask me, “How are you holding up with her being over there?” I have a better answer. She is in God’s care, doing what she loves, living her dream. I am thrilled for her, excited for the opportunities she faces. Now my prayers are proactive rather than defensive. Yes, I still pray for safety, but not out of fear. I pray in faith that, whatever the future holds, God is in control. I truly believe!

Psalm 33:4-5

“For God’s Word is something to sing about!
    He is true to his promises, his word can be trusted,
    and everything he does is reliable and right.
The Lord loves seeing justice on the earth.
    Anywhere and everywhere you can find his faithful,       unfailing love!”

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