Have you heard the expression “Boots on the Ground?” Well our Live Dead Missionaries are the boots on the Silk Road. Here we’d like to take a moment and allow one of them to share part of their life with you. Some names and details have been changed, but this is a true story from this colorful, vibrant, and sometimes surprising region and those who God has called to work here.

There is a believer here, in the country I live in, who is a refugee, and last month she had been taken to prison for not abiding by all the refugee laws.
Because of this, there has been a great risk in her being sent back to her home country where Christians are severely persecuted for their faith.
Her daughter, a new believer, had been extremely worried for her as well, and taking trips to go see her and bring her items, including a Bible and food as they weren’t feeding her well. the Bible they let her keep, and the food got thrown away. 
She spent her first 10 days in the basement of the place she was at, and, thinking on this, I cannot imagine what her time there has been like. I know she is scared and feels abandoned by God like maybe He was angry with her. I received an update that blew me away.
Our sweet sister had been praying with others and encouraging them while in prison. In the midst of this, one of the other prisoners had decided to give their life to the Lord.
On her next trip to the prison, the daughter was able to bring a Bible in Russian for this woman to read. As this was all happening, our sister said, “I know now why I am here in this place, and I now I know the true value of freedom.”
Since then, we have been continuing to pray for her as she was taken to a refugee camp closer to the board of her home country. There were only hardened criminals there and people who had done terrible things. She was confused had why she had been brought there and was very discouraged. We kept praying for a miracle. 
Two days ago, we received the news that our sweet sister is soon to be RELEASED! Not sent back to her old country, but released. God is so so good, and I know that without a doubt, this woman who has struggled to see God’s hand on her life, can now have no doubt that He indeed is watching out for her and that He who keeps her will neither slumber nor sleep. He will keep her from all evil; He will guard her going out and her coming in from this time forth and forever! Please Pray for our sister:Pray that she continues to know her purpose in this country and that she will boldly take it upon herself to share wildly and with all she can about the glory of the King.

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