One of our workers shares the story of one of her local family friends coming to faith in a uniquely orchestrated way.

A couple of years ago our team began a relationship with a native family. This family had lived in Las Vegas for a couple of years while the father was getting his masters degree. Their children were a great combo of our host country and our home country (America) and made great friends for our kiddos. We have shared Jesus with them several times and had learned that while they were in Las Vegas they had been invited to and attended a Mexican Pentecostal church several times. We were shocked!

Our team were the first friends they began to interact with on their return to the country we both reside in. God’s hand was definitely on this family. He was following them around the world.

For a while they didn’t seem interested to pick back up where they left off with the Mexican Pentecostal church. But since Easter this year, that began to change. The mom of the family began to show more interest. If we were with a group of women and if we got into religious talk, she would always defend us and Jesus. This last week at my daughter’s birthday party we once again began to talk about Jesus with a group of women. One of our team members began to share her testimony. Afterwards, despite the opposition of the other Muslim woman around the table, this mom very clearly express that she was in darkness and wanted to come into the light. How could she do this? 

We met with her a couple of days later. She began to tell us that lately her heart had changed. She was hungry for Jesus- for truth. Many of her Muslim friends had tried to reach her, but when she heard that testimony, something sparked inside of her, she couldn’t stop thinking about it. Once when she was at that little Pentecostal church, she began to weep (from my understanding the Holy Spirit touched her) and this type of reaction had never happened to her as a Muslim. We began to share with her how she could accept Jesus. When she heard how Jesus took the punishment for our sins and how God accepts us through His work on the cross and not through our own good works, she shivered as the truth hit her. “I understand!” she excitedly said.

She began to share, “Some people want money or houses or to move to America, I just want my heart right with God.”

We gave her a Bible and she began to drink in John 15. “Never have I heard such beautiful words before. This is the greatest gift you could have given me. I saw these books in America, but this one is in my language.” (She doesn’t speak any English) We moved to another coffee shop and she didn’t want to talk with us. She just wanted to read her Bible. She has been reading her Bible every night. We will be out of the country for about a week, and she says she will read it all before we get back so we can talk about it. As we parted we prayed with her. Please pray for our sister in Christ as she begins her life with Jesus.

John 15: 9 (NIV)

“As the Father has loved me, so have I loved you. Now remain in my love.

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